Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I Stalked a Lady While in Ortigia

This evening, I stalked a lady for 4 hours here in Ortigia, Sicily. 
She took my breath away.

I went from one street to the next...

 ....passing through staggering crowds of Sicilians, 
in hopes to get another glimpse of this beauty I could hardly take my eyes off. 

I saw this lady in Ortigia a year and a half ago and 
she let me photograph her in a private session.
 This time I spotted her on her way out of the Piazza del Duomo.
She was surrounded by men who were also in awe of her.

The crowd of onlookers began to fill every open space along the 
narrow streets and passages just beyond the Piazza.

The men who surrounded this beautiful lady banned together and
picked her up with all of their might.

I couldn't help myself...

I pulled out my camera and 
captured her just as they carried her off 
with a dagger in her throat.

The sound of bells and horses' hooves filled the air. 
I can't get her out of my head.

Saint Lucia of Syracuse

On this day, 13 Dicembre ~ Ortigia, Sicilia


Rowena said...

Awesome, awesome, photos, and video too! Wish I had come across your blog earlier. The celebration of Santa Lucia (in Sicily) has been one that I've only heard about and hope to see one day.

Jac The Bee said...

Thank you kindly, Rowena! I hope you can attend one of the Santa Lucia Festivals. It was on my Bucket List. It is such a beautiful part of the culture of Sicily. Glad you enjoyed the post!