Sunday, May 16, 2010

Milan's Galleria ~ Inter Milan Wins Series A Title Over Siena

A beautiful day outside Milan's stunning Galleria, May 2010.
This is just before the Inter Milan Soccer Team won the Series A Title over Siena.

This is what it looked like just a few hours later... 


The view looking down from Milan's Duomo. Surprisingly, there was no one on the rooftop of The Duomo! It was a great escape from the crowds and a great view of the sea of Inter Milan fans below.


Bee said...

breathtaking!! Very inspirtaional blog. Am following you. PLease follow me back and lemme know what you think of my blog? :)

Jacqueline Nicolini said...

Thank you, Bee! We have "Bee" in common ;) I'm now following you too! Inspiring!