Friday, June 10, 2011

Trattoria da Nino ~ Taormina's Best!


Why eat anywhere else?

The food is to die for…

Just a couple of minutes walk off the famous shopping street, Corso Umberto in Taormina, Trattoria da Nino is waiting for you with open arms.

 Gianluca and Jacqueline

We have been living in Sicily for almost two years and one of the highlights of living here is the Sicilian cuisine. Rich dishes prepared lovingly in slow-food fashion. 

We’ve been all over this island and nothing compares to the exquisite food and camaraderie that you will find at Trattoria da Nino. The food is authentic, the patrons are locals and the atmosphere is fresh, modern and lively. It's so good, we're going there again tomorrow!

Mixed Seafood Pastas
The real gems are the people who own and run the restaurant: Nino, with his talent for speaking many foreign languages, always greets us with a warm hug. 
Gianluca, we now call our “brother from another mother”, is full of endless energy and charm. He never ceases to be sure that we are totally taken care of each and every time we visit. Gianluca has become a great friend indeed!

Nino and Gianluca

Sebastiano, Reese, Gianluca and Stephen

Sebastiano, who is very attentive to detail, sees that you always have the right glass and correct utensil for the occasion with a friendly smile. Thumbs up!
I can say, without a doubt, these folks are the most genuine people we have come across in ALL of our restaurant experiences…EVER! They have been gracious and generous beyond words!


Trattoria da Nino offers the best of the best in seafood dishes that surpass any other seafood I've eaten while living in Sicily. One of my favorite starters is their "Sicilian Sushi". Red prawns from Mazara del Vallo and fresh sashimi marinated in Sicilian orange juice. They are sweet, delicate and melt in your mouth! 
Other favorites include top quality tuna, which they serve carpaccio style (See first food photo), and their grilled fish dishes that are cooked to perfection!

Grilled Sea Bass 
Their Spaghetti con Vongole and Calamari and Shrimp Fritti and are some of the most delicious I've found on the island.

Spaghetti con Vongole

Calamari and Shrimp Fritti

I think I have eaten the Spaghetti con Vongole at least half of my visits there! 

Jacqueline with the best Spaghetti con Vongole
However, there is one particular chicken dish that is out of this world…
the Pollo al Diavolo ("The Devil's Chicken"). 
Mouth-watering, tender and with just enough spice...

Fact: my stomach just growled like I was smuggling a lion just thinking about it!



Homemade Cassata Cake 
with a CD of Mario Biondi that Gianluca gave us for Christmas!

Peach liquor and Limoncello

Grappa for the brave, and biscotti to top it off...heaven!

If you ever find yourself in Taormina, please be sure to venture off the Corso and make your way over to Trattoria da Nino. You are sure to find the best Sicilian cuisine served by warm and wonderful people in this most authentic trattoria.

And...they are a fur-friendly environment! What’s not to love!

Hercules, the sweetest King Charles Spaniel

Via Luigi Pirandello, 37
98039 Taormina Messina, Italy
0942 21265



Graham Smith said...

That place looks delicious, Jac! Yum!

Michele said...

Do they deliver?

Jac The Bee said...

Michele, I bet they would if they could ;) They are that full of heart!

GoldMusic said...

OMG! I'm so hungry now! And you are so blessed!!!